Cavitation Tunnel

Cavitation Tunnel

Our Cavitation Tunnel is used for the design and assessment of propellers. Its large working section allows the propeller to be tested in conjunction with the vessel hullform.

The newly refurbished cavitation tunnel is capable of testing hull and propeller combinations delivering highly accurate results. With a working section measuring 5.35m in length by 2.4m width and 1.2m in height it is capable of running at pressures between 3kPa up to 150kpa with a maximum flow speed of 7.9m/s.

Capabilities include:

Propeller testing
  • ‘open water’ experiments for propulsion and cavitation evaluation of propeller models
  • ‘behind ‘experiments for wake surveys, propulsion and cavitation assessment
  • excellent cavitation viewing conditions for inception speed evaluation
  • measurement of fluctuating shaft forces, surface pressures and flow velocities
  • versatile facility for unconventional tests such as small boat propellers and flow induced vibration of cables

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