Towing Tank

Towing Tank

Our Towing Tank is designed for carrying out constrained model tests of surface ships, submarines, offshore structures and renewable energy devices.

The purpose of conducting resistance and propulsion testing is to provide information about the resistance of the ship hullform at a range of speeds, the power requirements and to understand the nominal wake of the ship. The propulsion tests are required to specify the propeller design for the ship. QinetiQ has also a range of tests to help with appendage alignment such as streamline tests. These can be used in conjunction with computational analysis to improve the total propulsive efficiency of the vessel by aligning components like appendages, rudders and ducts with the flow to minimise hydrodynamic drag.

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We conduct these tests in our 270m long Towing Tank. At 270m long it is by far the largest in the UK and is one of the most capable in the world. Testing in a large tank such as QinetiQ’s allows large models to be tested without wall effects, meaning highly accurate results are obtained.

Resistance and propulsion tests are required as part of the set of model tests conducted to demonstrate compliance with the IMO EEDI legislation.

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