Aquaculture Workboat Concept Design

Aquaculture Workboat Concept Design

QinetiQ IMCS were contracted to produce the concept design for an aquaculture workboat to meet specific requirements provided by the customer. The 26m aluminium catamaran design can carry up to 50 tonnes of cargo and provides a very large working deck with a low freeboard to allow harvesting and transport of farmed shellfish.

QinetiQ were approached by a boatbuilder to produce a concept design to satisfy an enquiry which had been received with specific requirements. The work was required to be delivered in a short timescale to ensure that a priced proposal could be returned to the customer in a responsive manner.

Aquaculture Workboat Concept Design


Whilst the requirements were limited they were specific and challenging to fulfil.

The design requirements included:

  • Maximum rule length of 24m
  • Carry 50 tonnes of cargo
  • Sufficient deck area for processing shellfish
  • Maximum of 1m freeboard to working deck
  • Cruising speed of 12 knots
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Operate in rough weather
  • An auxiliary engine to provide hydraulic power

Design Description

Aquaculture Workboat Concept Design

QinetiQ considered a number of types of vessel to fulfil the design requirements and settled on a displacement catamaran as the best solution. The most challenging part of the requirement was to meet the 1m freeboard requirement and still suitable for operating in rough sea conditions. The catamaran was designed to limit slamming in the bow region by careful design of the hulls and wet deck and a large raised foredeck to limit the deck wetness on the main working deck.

The main deck is stepped to provide a working deck with low freeboard whilst maintaining sufficient clearance for machinery in the main engine rooms further aft. The engines are easily accessed for maintenance through large flush deck hatches.

The design features a compact 2-tier wheelhouse with basic crew accommodation at deck level and the helm position on the upper deck. The engine space air vents are located adjacent to the wheelhouse ensuring a large clear working deck space.


Aquaculture Workboat Concept Design

Within the required time, QinetiQ provided a General Arrangement drawing and a design brief providing a clear explanation of the vessel’s features and the reasons behind each feature to enable the yard to sell the benefits of the design and have an informed discussion with their customer. This design can now be developed through class and detailed design by QinetiQ IMCS.

Technical Particulars

Length OA: 26.55m
Beam OA: 9.50m
Depth (to Working Deck): 2.40m
Max Draught: 1.75m
Deck load capacity: 53 tonnes
Fuel Tank Capacity: 8,000 Litres
Main Engines: 2 x 1300HP
Aux. Engine: 1 x 120HP
Propulsion: 2 x Waterjets
Speed (Fully Laden): 12 Knots
Deck area: 145m2

Deck Equipment:

  • 3 x 1te retractable davits
  • 1 x knuckle boom crane;
  • 1 tonne @ 10m radius