Partial Air Cushion Supported Catamaran Innovative Solution Demonstrator Craft

PACSCAT and HMS Albion

QinetiQ has demonstrated through the UK MoD Fast Landing Craft and PACSCAT ISDC programme the ability to take the most complex military requirements, consider the feasibility of technical options, and then to trial at model-scale and full-scale any chosen technical option.

QinetiQ has been involved in the requirement and technical studies to inform the UK Fast Landing Craft programme since its inception. Through this work, QinetiQ has the ability to understand the drivers of any landing craft requirement, compare available technical options and carry out cost capability trade-offs to inform the Client’s procurement process.

PACSCAT surf drills

If the requirement is particularly demanding, readily available technical options may not give the range of capabilities needed. If this is the case, QinetiQ is uniquely able to build on its experience of the Partial Air Cushion Supported Catamaran Innovative Solution Demonstrator Craft (PACSCAT ISDC) technology demonstrator project, to deliver model and full-scale technology demonstration programmes to suit even the most complex requirements.

Working to Classification, Certification and formal safety management guidelines, QinetiQ has shown the ability to develop and deliver trials programmes tailored to demonstrate any required capability to inform procurement programmes, thereby assuring the delivery of capability whilst minimising risk to the programme budgets and timescales.