Design Optimisation Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Providing optimisation of feasibility level vessel designs covering hydrodynamic, human and operational performance.

QinetiQ provides a complete suite of optimisation services which includes the ability to optimise performance using a combination of analytical methods and physical model testing.

Our team utilises CFD software code running on a thousand plus node computer cluster to conduct rapid and detailed flow assessment. CFD is routinely used to refine the design solution before building a physical model and testing in the tank facilities. Modern CFD techniques allow the capability, for example, to accurately align under water appendages for ship scale flows, including rudders, A-bracket arms, bilge keels and stabilisers as well as providing detailed wake information as input to the development of low noise propellers.

QinetiQ uses a range of in house and commercial software to analyse seakeeping, stability, human performance and operational aspects.

Physical model testing experiments can include resistance and propulsion, seakeeping, manoeuvring, stability and acoustic assessments. QinetiQ also offer a full scale trials service; instrumenting and conducting the trial, analysing the data, and feeding back the results into further optimisation of the design.