Ship Operational Performance Management & Advice

Ship Operational Performance Management & Advice

The shipping industry has seen the first maritime energy efficiency regulations enter into force, along with several other new environmental regulations: and more are expected to follow.

This creates challenges to ensure compliance with the right regulations at the right time, as well as to achieve improvements beyond compliance. One such challenge is deciphering the best compliance and improvement methods for implementation. This requires combined specialist knowledge in several disciplines such as: regulations, ship operations, state-of-the-art technologies and practices, ship technical performance, data management.

'Hot topics' and development areas within the shipping industry include: sensors to improve data collection capabilities and accuracy; communications to relay data; data storage capabilities; data analytics; monitoring; periodic reporting; real-time decision support.

Ship Operational Performance Management & Advice


  • How do these aspects help support practical, daily, ship operations?
  • Should investments in these areas be made and if so what are the most important?
  • What can be done with existing data and tools?
  • What needs to be done to meet regulations?
  • What should be done and where is the starting point for company specific improvements?
  • How to realise savings by considering human factor and performance aspects?

It is these types of questions that QinetiQ IMCS can help to answer, and hence to support development of energy efficient solutions in the context of our customers company’s (from large or small). We do this by providing a bespoke set of service tailored to our customers’ requirements and operations.